Nurturing the creative mind

My wonderfully artistic daughter sent me a link to a TED Talks lecture by Sir Ken Robinson about the creative mind and how often creativity is thwarted, with all the best intentions, by today’s educational system. Perhaps she is prepping me for a bad school report…

I was struck by the wisdom of: “If you are afraid of being wrong, you cannot be creative.” Every time we write a story, or draw a picture, or craft something with our hands, we know that we are risking our reputation, our self-esteem, our belief in our own competence. If we are fortunate, those things are reaffirmed by our achievement, but it is a perilous journey, between embarking on an endeavor and arriving at a conclusion that makes us proud. Take a look at the video. It’s worth twenty minutes of your time.


2 thoughts on “Nurturing the creative mind

  1. Fear can be terribly overpowering but over coming it feels exactly like flying. Recently I wrote my first book and tossed out my excuses and submitted my manuscript I am awaiting its publication now and beyond excited. What you wrote here hit home for me I was afraid and held myself back thanks for the blog I enjoyed it.

    • It’s a wonderful feeling to think that everything that was holding you back is now behind you. Congratulations on your first book… you cleared the first hurdle, and now you know you can clear the rest. Welcome to Coins in the Well, and thank you for your comment.

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