A Change in the Weather reviewed at Curious Book Fans

An author is usually content to live a life of the inner mind, much like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who said: “I could be bounded in a nutshell and call myself a king of infinite space.”

Every once in while, however, something connects our reverie to the world outside our head, enabling us to see the impact of our flights of fancy on others. One of those things might be that we burned the toast while daydreaming about our next novel. Another thing is a review. Especially a very good review (and no doubt, a very bad one).

A review is like the outside world knocking on the side of your skull to announce itself. It makes you realize that you are not scribbling away somewhere in a lonely garret, overlooked or forgotten. When the review is glowing, you know that your words resonated with someone else, someone who saw the image that was so vivid in your mind that you could write it no other way. Someone who saw, and said, yes, I see it too. There is a professional pleasure (not even pride) in this connection that motivates you to keep writing, because there’s a lot more you have to share.

I received one such beautiful review from Curious Book Fans for my short story, A Change in the Weather. In the words of Shakespeare again (The Winter’s Tale), it inspires me to continue on my way “To unpathed waters, undreamed shores.”


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