An embarrassment of riches…

One of the pleasant surprises of becoming an author is how kind and supportive the writing community is. I am fortunate to belong to the Authors Social Media Support Group and the World Literary Cafe and they have been of incalculable help in getting the word out about my writing.

I have also had the opportunity to guest post on various blogs, and each time I am introduced to a vibrant and passionate group of writers and readers. Today, I have the honor of appearing on two writer’s blogs.

I am featured on Tony Riches’ The Writing Desk, where I share the motivation behind my short story, The Dust Beneath Her Feet. (I promise I didn’t intend to make a pun in my blog post title, but there it is. )

You can read the guest post here. Stay awhile and visit the other pages on his site; he has lots of really great writing and promotion ideas for new authors.

I’m also featured today on the Pebble in the Still Waters blog. I hope you get a chance to visit Jaideep Khanduja’s site. He invites a number of interesting authors and you may find your next favorite book there!


3 thoughts on “An embarrassment of riches…

  1. This was very encouraging to read! I’m a new author myself and I’ve poured over lots and lots of various posts/blogs to learn everything I can about being the best published author I can be!! Glad to see there’s a hub out there and people willing to give good advice when your new and terribly nervous. Also a plus to find a new source on finding new books to just kick and read!!

    • Hello, Kristy,

      There is a supportive community out there that you can connect with via Twitter or through writers’ groups. It makes being an author a less solitary experience and you’ll find that most people are very generous with their time and knowledge. It’s a great time to be a writer.

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