“My Mother’s Sari” guest post

I was invited to guest post at Rachelle’s Window and I wrote a piece about my mother, the first storyteller in my life, and how memories of her childhood inspired my writing. When my mother talks about those early days of hardship, she radiates so much happiness, that I always had the impression that there was something magical about those times. I feel the sense of community she had in those days, and the joy that could be found in the small things. These were times of poverty and tragedy in India, both on a national and personal level, but my mother taught me about facing adversity cheerfully. I can’t always emulate her, but I recognize the value of the gift she has given. I also learned how education and survival were inextricably linked in her life, another lesson I have taken to heart and tried to share with my own children.

I hope you will stop by and read “My Mother’s Sari.” When I first started my blog, I wrote about why I had called it “Coins in the Well” (you can find that post in the archives). My mother is a practical kind of person and not given to rhetorical flights of fancy–she would probably giggle with embarrassment if she were reading this–but she is a well of inspiration to me.

Author interview at Rachelle’s Window 1/31

Rachelle Ayala has kindly invited me back to her blog for an interview this Friday. I’ll be discussing the background to my short stories, my advice for writers everywhere and the characters I found most enjoyable to create.

It has been a real honor to be invited to guest post… check in next week to read my third and last contribution to Rachelle’s Window, ‘My Mother’s Sari’, a reflection on my mother’s childhood memories and how they sparked my interest in storytelling.